Games I've worked on.

  • Serf's Deviance.
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    A game that I've made in collaboration with 3 other students during our second internship period. We came up with a puzzle game where the player can absorb and/or give elements to certain objects.

    My role:

    -Unity, I dove deep into the Unity engine learning almost everything there was to learn. This resulted in me becoming the engine specialist and knowing how to achive certain effects using particles, shaders, lightcookies, lightbaking etc.

    -Modeling, After modeling 2 levels to seek out what the best way was of building up the levels I've spent my time texturing, cleaning, reorganizing, remodeling the base levels I got and import them in Unity

    -Texturing, I've textured everything that is seen. At this point I wasn't that good with texturing so a lot of textures were stock or slightly edited. The hardest part was to create worlds/levels were everything was in harmony.

    Press PGUP/PGDOWN to change levels
  • De verloren Apenstad. (The lost Monkeycity)
    (click pic to Play)

    My Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht GameDesign graduation project. A game for 6-8 years olds, on an tablet device containing a mystery.

    The conditions:

    - The game had to have a mystery in it.
    - Guarantee tension and fun.
    - Has to be contemporary.
    - For children 6-8 years of age.
    - Max. playtime of 5 minutes.
    - Playable on the fly.

  • Rogues with benefits.
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    A game I made with some others when I studied Game Art at the HKU.

    My role:

    I did the leveldesign, environment modeling, the final art style and implementing everything in Unity.

    Note: Rogues with Benefits won the Dutch Game Award for the Best Student Art Direction. As the main 3D Artist this was truly an Honor.
  • Rogue's with benefits v1.0
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    A procedural generated online co-op roguelike dungeoncrawler that I've been working on with some other students.

    My role:

    In this project we all did some design and my main role was pixelart. I was responsible for the environment tiles, the walls and the floor.

    Takes long to load*
  • The Signs.
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    Horror game made for a school project with 3 other artists.

    My role:

    I was the main modeller for this game/ride. I made all props except for the torture room. I created a smart system so we could build the levels fast in unity, I made it so that we could snap the walls in unity so we could build up the levels and change them when needed.

    Note: This build is a resource hog, don't set it to fantastic
  • Hugo, The Great Escape.
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    Hugo was a schoolproject where we chose to make a game about Hugo de Groot and his escape.
    I was responsible for the pixelart in this game.

  • Crazy World.
    (click to Download)

    Crazy World is my first GameMaker project.
    In this game the player has to guide the character trough the hoops, it's trickier then it sounds!