About me.

My name is Viktor Trisjin and I studied Game Art at the HKU (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht) in Hilversum, The Netherlands.
Making models for games is what I enjoy the most and is the path I choose to specialize in. There's nothing better than creating worlds and experiences and see other people enjoy and immerse into something you've worked on. I'd like to call myself a teamplayer. Working in a team is something I enjoy cause there is always something to learn from another.

My interest in becoming a game developer started when I was a young lad. Growing up as a single child I got a NES for my birthday. This day was the day that I became a gamer and my interest in gaming only grew from this point and I had to own everything. It were PC games like Half Life,Team Fortress, Unreal Tournament, Quake (the list goes on and on) that made me realize how amazing it would be if I would be able create such experiences.


-Pixelart Tiles
-Next-gen workflow (high to low poly modelling)
-Efficient UV-mapping
-General 3D engine knowledge (exceptionally Unity)
-Gamedesign background
-Able to work in a team
-Able to schedule work
-Eager to learn
-Having a sense of humor


-Maya (Beginner)
-3DS Max (Professional)
-ZBrush (Advanced)
-Photoshop (Advanced)
-Unity (Advanced)


Stay awhile and listen.
(actually read I guess)


Name Viktor
Surname Trisjin
Address Pieter Saenredamstraat 7bis
Postal Code 3583TA
Phone +31 6 506 439 68
Email address vtrisjin@gmail.com
Date of birth 02-sep-1988
Place of birth Odessa, Ukraine (Soviet Union)
Marital Status Single
Nationality Dutch
Languages Dutch, German, English, Russian (only speaking)


2000-2008 Revius Lyceum Doorn, MAVO-HAVO
2008-2012 Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht – Game Design
2012-2016 Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (HKU) – Bachelor of Art & Technology, Game Art

Work experience

2003-2006 ‘Albert Heijn’ te Doorn: Merchandiser
2006-2016 ‘De Basis’ te Doorn: Kitchen Assistant
2011-2011 [Internship] 3D Artist: Movares
2011-2012 [Internship] 3D Generalist/Artist: LIES! Studios
2014-2015 [Internship] 3D Artist/Tech Artist: KeoKen Interactive
2015-Present Co-Founder&3D Modeler at rogueswithbenefits.com