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My Work .

Here's some of my work that I've uploaded on sketchfab.
I think sketchfab is great tool to show and share 3D models.


Rogues With Benefits Graduation
So I decided to share my graduation presentation on Rogues with Benefits. It explains some future plans/ideas and how I tackled certain things.

Rogues With Benefits
A 3D online multiplayer Roguelite; team up with three friends and go together on adventures, defeat your enemies and find loot to make your hide-out the strongest!
For the most part I am responsible for the artstyle,leveldesign and the environments/scenes.
More info and updates can be found on our website.

Rogues with Benefits also won some awards and honored nominations! Here’s the list:

Winner CEGC 2016 Audience Award

Pure 3D
So I've had this great guy going by the name of Tomas Sala as a teacher for a short period of time.
Long story short, he has come up with this technique he coined as Pure3D, making simple textureless objects and in combination with shaders ,vertexpainting and Unity effects he thought us how to "speedmodel" and make a great weird environment.

So here's my result, it's nowhere near his level, but it's an interesting technique to master and I will experiment more with this. Click on it to play the scene.

Unity Web Player. Install now!

Shortly about me.

My name is Viktor Trisjin and I studied Game Art at the HKU (Hogeschool voor de kunsten Utrecht) in Hilversum, The Netherlands.
Making 3D assets for games is what I enjoy the most and is the path I choose to specialise in, but that does not mean that I don't want to learn more outside of my comfort zone. There's nothing better than creating worlds and experiences and see people enjoy your work.